Service Shop

Servicing your vehicle is crucial for having a long lasting and safe vehicle. Our top tier technicians offer quality servicing at very reasonable prices. We have the proper equipment and knowledge to offer servicing on all kinds of cars, SUV’s, and trucks, having been around for 20 years we have developed extensive knowledge and experience on the proper maintenance of domestic and import cars

At PS Motors, we offer a variety of services for your vehicle, such as:
– Diagnostics
– Fluid Changes which includes Oil, brake, tranmission, coolant, and differential
– Engine Tune ups
– Alignments
– Brake servicing and replacements
– General Vehicle Maintenance
– Custom Welding
– Engine Rebuilds
– Oil Leak Repairs
– Exhaust Installations

We also offer Pre-Purchase Inspections, if you decide you would like to buy a car elsewhere, we can perform a 150 point comprehensive mechanical inspection that includes a detailed report for your peace of mind

We are also able to cover warranty claims, and being a certified shop, we are able to offer you one of the best warranties available on any of the vehicles that you purchase from us

Feel free to call us at 604-737-0555, we look forward to servicing you